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Radiation Protection BGETEM

 Natural and Civilising Radiation ǀ 4 min ǀ 2011 ǀ BGETEM ǀ Production PanFilm Wolfes ǀ Director Oliver Päßler | Camera Sven Müller | Editing Andreas Preisner | 3 D Animation Tino Mager | Executive Producer Philipp Wolfes

Fukushima 2011: the fate of the guest workers of Tepco company has moved the world. In an attempt to cool down the exploded reactors they risked their lives. This sort of unrestricted commitment would seem unimaginable in Germany. Which are the conditions and protective measures for working with radiation here? The regulations for its application in industry, medicine and scientific research are set up by the professional association for energy, textile, electric and media products.

13 film modules deal with radiation in professional practice as well as the basis of ionized radiation. They present a mixture of studio shooting, animation sequences, industrial and educational film. Covering 150 min, it is a giant project. Harald Lesch, a renowned TV-moderator and physicist explains the scientific background. The practical modules present professional areas exposed to radiation and their respective protection measures: the dismantling of nuclear power stations, radiometry,  indestructible material test and X-ray appliances.

Physikalische Grundlagen

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