Filming Science

Acute Coronary Syndrom

 Docufiction ǀ 10 min ǀ 2013 ǀ Bayer HealthCare ǀ Production Cine Plus ǀ Director Oliver Päßler | Camera Andreas Deinert | Editing Klemens Radke | Executive Producer Jan Schneider-Rothhaar

The acute coronary syndrome describes a range of cardio-vascular diseases, caused by the blockage or the stenosis, i.e. the narrowing of a coronary vessel. Staff members of Bayer HealthCare shall be trained about the diseases. In this fictional story actors and hospital staff work together: A businessman under great strain is struck with infarction, but saved by medical help: first-aid service, immediate operation with balloon widening of the vessel, secondary prevention with change of lifestyle and long-term medication.



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