Filming Science


 Portrait ǀ 6.30 min ǀ 2014 ǀ Alexander von Humboldt Foundation ǀ Production Mirko Mikelskis ǀ Director Oliver Päßler | Camera Sven Müller | Editing Wolfgang Hemmann | Music Florian de Gelmini

Hidenori Takagi is one of the most eminent and best networked international researchers in modern solid state research and materials sciences worldwide. His contributions to high-Tc superconductivity, correlated materials and magnetic oxide compounds are considered just as innovative and outstanding as his achievements in the synthesis of novel compounds. At the University of Stuttgart and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart he would augment the strategic focus area of solid state research, drive a new research direction from “classic” semi-conductor and metals research to “advanced materials” and help extend interdisciplinary research.


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